About Us

Vision & Mission

AEG Vision - Resilient Middle Market





AEG Mission - create personal and business growth through trusted relationships




Core Values

We built our communities on four key elements, which drive the culture and connection of our membership.


Give First

Do Great Work

Live Passionately

Have Fun





Mark is the Co-Founder and CEO of AEG, driving the overall vision and mission of our communities.
Tien leads the way for high powered business executives to connect with AEG.
Rosemarie is key to expanding the AEG community and enhancing members’ experiences.
Mid-Maryland Co-Director
Tasha works to engage the AEG community in the Mid-Maryland area.
Mid-Maryland Co-Director
Brian is AEG's outreach promoter in the Mid-Maryland community.
DC Director
Mali guides our DC advisor community, helping them to connect and thrive.