Many CEO peer advisory groups help you become a better CEO. Great. But if you are at $20M+, you are already successful! What’s next? AEG believes it is to curate deep relationships with true peers who share your values, bring perspectives from other industries, and want to help you strengthen your company.

This is why we created the Inner Circle. Are you the right CEO to join?


Learn more about AEG's Inner Circle, an exclusive community for successful CEOs

The Inner Circle is an invitation-only community of successful mid-market CEOs in the Washington, DC region.  Values-centered membership and unique programming helps our members build the trusted relationships needed to inspire personal and business growth.

  • Based on AEG’s 4 Core Values

  • Peer Group Membership

  • Unique Monthly Experiences

  • Power Groups = Deeper Connections

  • Much more!

Inner Circle

This membership is for individuals only

USD 12000 / 12 months