Blair Brylawski

Blair Brylawski is an automotive and mechanical expert specializing in all aspects of the Automotive Market including vehicle resale and acquisition, pre-purchase inspections, off lease inspections and protocols, fleet management and residential automotive repair. In 2013, he founded Revitalization Automotive, LLC (Revit Auto), which focuses on creating custom tailored fleet management plans, representing aftermarket warranty companies, and freeing up organizations’ internal resources.

Along with being the founder and owner of Revit Auto, Blair is also a content creator, on-camera talent, and former producer of the hit television series, Junkyard Empire. He runs the Revit Auto YouTube channel that gets ~150k views per month and is growing 30% annually. With an entrepreneurial spirit, Blair is a driven business owner with a passion for helping others succeed. According to Blair, “When you love your job, it never feels like work!”