Michael Ghanem

Born and raised in Northern Virginia, Michael Ghanem is a Financial Strategist at PS&G Financial Partners. He helps Business Owners, Professionals, Real Estate Investors and Families implement cash value life insurance into their current retirement portfolio to reach financial freedom faster. Michael is a firm believer in the PS&G motto, “making lives better because we care,” and it is one of the many reasons he transitioned to financial planning.

Before joining PS&G, Michael worked in a sales role for 11 years in the health insurance and IT industry. Michael’s ideal clients are real estate investors, business owners, young families, and people approaching retirement in the next ten years.

Michael is a Business Partner Member of ALA NOVA, a member of the Loudoun Chamber of Commerce, and volunteers for his high school football team.

When Michael is not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife, family, and friends. He loves watching and playing football and reading books about personal development and business. Michael’s dream is to go skydiving one day.